Saturday, December 6, 2014

just for someone out there..

Differences can give a beautiful scene if we can mix it properly, but if it isn't going with the proper way, it might causing a chaos. That case, I'll step aside in order to make everything back to normal just like when we hadn't cross any line before.. let's be normal, or maybe back be a stranger like the old days. We used to be cool, but what are we now? I miss my days before ours. I guess it'll be better for you too. Moreover, there's no more lying to our-self's heart bout what we feel. I loved you, pals. I don't know whether you'll read this or not, I just want to say it, but I don't have any guts to tell you by myself. I'm so sorry for every single thing I've done, I truly am. Sometime I just could't be myself when i was with you, I just tried to be someone you'd see. I just tried to be someone you'd love. But, when you were not around, i saw myself like a weirdo, i felt stupid. I realize that you are out of my league. How many times i tried to be someone you'll see, we'll never be together. I hope you can understand me. Hope we can be together in another life.  :')

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