Thursday, December 11, 2014


dalam pelukmu kurasa nyaman...

sang waktu membiarkan kuasanya berlalu, 
tiupan sang waktu mempertemukan kita disini..
hanya indah ku harap..
tapi aku hanya bisa berharap...
kau akan tetap selalu dalam anganku, dan mungkin hanya akan selalu begitu..

Saturday, December 6, 2014

just for someone out there..

Differences can give a beautiful scene if we can mix it properly, but if it isn't going with the proper way, it might causing a chaos. That case, I'll step aside in order to make everything back to normal just like when we hadn't cross any line before.. let's be normal, or maybe back be a stranger like the old days. We used to be cool, but what are we now? I miss my days before ours. I guess it'll be better for you too. Moreover, there's no more lying to our-self's heart bout what we feel. I loved you, pals. I don't know whether you'll read this or not, I just want to say it, but I don't have any guts to tell you by myself. I'm so sorry for every single thing I've done, I truly am. Sometime I just could't be myself when i was with you, I just tried to be someone you'd see. I just tried to be someone you'd love. But, when you were not around, i saw myself like a weirdo, i felt stupid. I realize that you are out of my league. How many times i tried to be someone you'll see, we'll never be together. I hope you can understand me. Hope we can be together in another life.  :')